Thailand: Bangkok and Chiang Mai

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as travel.

Think of all the wildly diverse cultures and places to see – from places like Australia and New Zealand to China, India, and Russia.  European countries like France, Italy, and Spain.  Less travelled to locations like Estonia, Croatia, and the Ukraine.  What about Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, and Brazil?  The list goes on and on and on.

How can one ever see all the wonderful places throughout the world?  I’m not quite sure if it is possible, but it certainly is a goal worth pursuing.  It is part of what inspired me to launch My Traveling Photographer, a premiere personalized photography service that captures your entire vacation experience.

Having traveled throughout the United States, across many European countries, and to Australia and New Zealand, I knew I wanted my next location to be somewhere in southeast Asia to explore yet a different part of the world.  I set my sights on Thailand.

Thailand is one of those destinations that MUST rank high up on your bucket list of travel locations.  It is truly phenomenal.  Naturally, if flying there from the United States, the flight is rather long.  We flew from Portland to Tokyo to Bangkok.  Thailand offers a rather diverse landscape to explore.  With just 2 weeks of exploration time, we opted to visit the mountainous region in northern Thailand for a week and the beautiful coastal islands in southern Thailand for a week.  We chose two primary locations for our travels – Chiang Mai in the north and Koh Chang in the south.

Landing in Bangkok after a lengthy flight, we knew we would want a day to rest and re-acclimate to the time.  So, we literally spent One Night in Bangkok.  Since we had just one day in the city we chose to spend the better part of our day touring the The Grand Palace.  We’ve posted some highlights from our time spent in Bangkok and some of our favorite temples we explored while in Chiang Mai.  Part of the reason we decided on Chiang Mai as a destination in Thailand is the Elephant Nature Park.  This experience was hands down one of my all-time favorite experiences while traveling.  More on that tomorrow….