Professional Headshots in Portland

We understand how challenging it can be to set aside time during your busy day to have a professional headshot captured.  That is why we offer the option of coming to your office for the session.  We have a portable mobile studio that enables us to quickly set up in the smallest of spaces and capture professional headshots on location.

Have a common area or meeting room at your office location?  We can even setup there and anyone who is present that day in the office can come by for a quick professional headshot session.  We are outfitted to come by and capture as many headshots as you need.

We were recently hired by Backs on Burnside to provide them with updated professional headshots.  We setup in an empty room in the basement (so as to not impact any clients) and were able to capture 10 employees in approximately 1 hour.  Within 24 hours of the session, we provide our clients with an online gallery to preview the images.  Once the images are chosen by the client, we then electronically deliver the finished images within 1 business day.

To schedule your professional headshot session either at your office or at our photography studio in downtown Portland, simply give us a call at 503-475-3306.  We make the process simple, efficient, and fun.


Professional headshots captured in Portland, OR

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