Sparkler Departure

Interested in an idea that is low in cost but has a high impact on your wedding photography?  Who doesn’t — right?  Well have you considered a sparkler departure?

I recently came across a wonderful website that specializes in sparklers for weddings. Sparklers online sells 10, 20, and 36 inch sparklers.  The longer the sparkler, the longer it will stay lit!  Check out their site for all sorts of creative ideas.  The other option for those of you getting married after the 4th of July, is to wait until right after the holiday.  Many locations typically slash their prices after the holiday, and it is a great way to take advantage of the bargains.  The key is to make sure you have lots of lighters so all your guests can light their sparklers at the same time.  With everyone waving their sparklers as you depart, rest assured that you will have a fantastic image of your final send off for the evening.  Here are a few recent sparkler departures that we have documented:

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