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Thailand: Bangkok and Chiang Mai

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as travel.

Think of all the wildly diverse cultures and places to see – from places like Australia and New Zealand to China, India, and Russia.  European countries like France, Italy, and Spain.  Less travelled to locations like Estonia, Croatia, and the Ukraine.  What about Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, and Brazil?  The list goes on and on and on.

How can one ever see all the wonderful places throughout the world?  I’m not quite sure if it is possible, but it certainly is a goal worth pursuing.  It is part of what inspired me to launch My Traveling Photographer, a premiere personalized photography service that captures your entire vacation experience.

Having traveled throughout the United States, across many European countries, and to Australia and New Zealand, I knew I wanted my next location to be somewhere in southeast Asia to explore yet a different part of the world.  I set my sights on Thailand.

Thailand is one of those destinations that MUST rank high up on your bucket list of travel locations.  It is truly phenomenal.  Naturally, if flying there from the United States, the flight is rather long.  We flew from Portland to Tokyo to Bangkok.  Thailand offers a rather diverse landscape to explore.  With just 2 weeks of exploration time, we opted to visit the mountainous region in northern Thailand for a week and the beautiful coastal islands in southern Thailand for a week.  We chose two primary locations for our travels – Chiang Mai in the north and Koh Chang in the south.

Landing in Bangkok after a lengthy flight, we knew we would want a day to rest and re-acclimate to the time.  So, we literally spent One Night in Bangkok.  Since we had just one day in the city we chose to spend the better part of our day touring the The Grand Palace.  We’ve posted some highlights from our time spent in Bangkok and some of our favorite temples we explored while in Chiang Mai.  Part of the reason we decided on Chiang Mai as a destination in Thailand is the Elephant Nature Park.  This experience was hands down one of my all-time favorite experiences while traveling.  More on that tomorrow….

My Traveling Photographer

I have always had a passion for travel.

When traveling personally to locations like Sweden, Estonia, and Australia and when traveling professionally to locations like Mexico, St Lucia, and the Czech Republic, I have always had my camera in hand.

One of the things I love most about returning from a trip is looking through all the photographs.  The images provide lasting memories and wonderful art for my home.  In 2016, I decided to combine my passion for travel and photography to provide a unique opportunity for couples and families to have their vacation experiences professionally documented.

My Traveling Photographer provides the ultimate personal vacation photographer experience.


New Studio Location

We are extremely excited to announce, after operating our wedding and portrait studio out of The Bridal Loft for over 6 years, that we have moved into a brand new space in NW Portland.

Back in 2010, I was extended a unique opportunity to collaborate with some of the wedding industry’s leading professionals including Andrea with August Veils, Katherine with Event Cosmetics, Emee with EJP Events, Lei with Custom Fit to You, and many others.  Being asked to be part of the “Loftie” group was an incredible honor.  It played a significant role in the success of my business and catapulted me to where I am today.

As my business grew over the years, I took a huge leap of faith and converted the entire first floor of the Loft to a fully functioning portrait photography studio.  It was the perfect setting to not only meet my wedding clients, but to continue serving them in the very same space for maternity, newborn, and family portraits.  Little did I know that the portrait side of my business would continue to grow and require more space to accommodate the needs of my clients.

So, just last month, I transitioned my wedding and portrait photography studio to an incredibly hip warehouse location called The New York Building.  Amazon Prime Now occupies the first 2 floors of the building.  When you come by for a visit, you are sure to pass by any number of drivers who frequently come and go from the building delivering Amazon’s 2-hour service.  The flurry of activity is always fascinating to watch and so are the impeccable views overlooking the city from our 4th floor location.

The portrait photography studio is ideal for maternity, newborn, and family portraits and we are conveniently located near some of our favorite locations to photograph outdoors.  This means we will be offering hybrid portrait sessions where we are able to capture you and your family at a local park as well as in our studio all during the same session.  We cannot wait for you to see our new Portland studio and we look forward to connecting for some updated family portraits soon.

Contemporary Portland portrait photography studio in downtown PortlandContemporary Portland portrait photography studio in downtown PortlandContemporary Portland portrait photography studio in downtown PortlandContemporary Portland portrait photography studio in downtown PortlandContemporary Portland portrait photography studio in downtown Portland

New Product | Digital Albums

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new product at Paul Rich Studio.  These digital albums are built and designed for our portrait clients.  The new product is a modern twist on the classic tradition of family portrait albums.  We know that our couples are going to love these especially for those who sign on for our popular Baby’s First Year Package where we document a maternity, newborn, 6 month, and 12 month session.

We are excited to announce that these albums are free for those who order our Baby’s First Year Package and purchase the full resolution digital files.  You choose the images from all 4 sessions and we build the album for you.  It can be posted and shared on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and others.  Plus, it can be archived onto a DVD as well.  This way it plays on your DVD player at home.  For those who are interested in purchasing a digital album from their recent portrait session, we are offering these albums at a low introductory price of just $55.

Featured | Portland Bride & Groom

Adam & Josh’s Up themed wedding is featured in the current Winter/Spring issue of Portland Bride & Groom.  Their themed wedding is festive, fun, and filled with cute details.  Who doesn’t want to incorporate balloons into their wedding day?  Read their love story and the vendors they chose to make their wedding day a truly unique one-of-a-kind experience.

Check out additional highlights from Adam & Josh’s Up themed wedding.


15 Favorite Shoots of 2015

With 2015 coming to a close, we wanted to highlight on multiple monitors 15 of our favorite shoots of the year.

I must say, 2015 was the best year yet.  When I started Paul Rich Studio my goal was simple – photograph as many weddings as possible.  However, in the Pacific Northwest, the wedding season is primarily confined to the months of June-October.  Weddings occur outside of those months, but this area has a rather concentrated season for weddings.  So what ended up happening over a relatively short period of time was a summer that was just swamped with work.  It was great, but for anyone who lives in this area knows, summers are the most coveted time of year.  Oregon offers incredible hikes, waterfalls, and stretches of beach.  Who doesn’t want to spend some down time outdoors?  So, I knew I had to diversify my work if I wanted to be able to have some time off in the summer.  That’s when I began focusing on family portraits back in 2010 and expanding into a photography studio space.  Well that focus and intensity really paid off.  This year we photographed a total of 16 weddings (less than I have photographed in over 5 years) and an all-time high 57 portrait sessions (not including our mini-session specials).  We also had the opportunity to photograph more events and editorial assignments than ever before.

So, in no particular order, here are our favorite 15 photo shoots of 2015.

Set of twins born through surrogacy – Nicolas and Tom flew in from Luxembourg to welcome their newborn twins who were born through surrogacy.  We had the opportunity to capture the birth story and other portrait sessions with the twins and surrogate family.  Nicolas and Tom were kind enough to share their experience working with us on YouTube.  Check out the Portland surrogacy video to see more.

Australia & New Zealand – One of the most challenging yet gratifying experiences of being self-employed is taking time off.  This year I was able to take a month off for an epic trip with my sister to Australia and New Zealand.  We rented a camper van and toured the North Island in New Zealand and a beautiful stretch of Australia from Sydney to Melbourne and a bit beyond.  More images from Australia and New Zealand can be viewed in the online galleries that were created from the trip.  I am in the process of submitting these images to the two main stock photography agencies that represent my photography work.

Adam & Josh’s Wedding – Themed weddings are always a special treat to attend and especially fun to photograph.  Adam and Josh hosted an Up inspired wedding at Home Place Farm in Molalla, OR.  The venue provided the perfect setting for their themed wedding.  Their wedding is featured in the current issue of Portland Bride & Groom and is filled with incredible ideas and inspiration.

Samantha & Jamie Engagement Session – Samantha & Jamie requested to have their engagement session at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in SE Portland.  I had heard of the location many many times (and in fact live within 3 miles of the garden), but had never actually photographed there before.  It was everything I had heard of and so much more.  It is truly a great location for portraits.  This is one of my favorites from their engagement session.

Customer Appreciation Sessions – To celebrate the launch of our new photography studio in January 2015, we offered a complimentary portrait session to our clients during a Customer Appreciation Weekend Event.  It was an opportunity to introduce everyone to our new space in NE Portland and thank them for supporting our business over the years.

ANSAC – In April of this year I was hired by ANSAC to document a ship christening by Wyoming Congressman Lummis.  The ship was built in Japan and brought over to the Port of Portland for the ceremonial christening event.  During the event, the ship was loaded with soda ash and prepped for departure back to Japan.  I had a 5 minute period of time to setup and execute this portrait of Congressman Lummis with all the attendees of the event.

Amy & Paul’s WeddingAmy & Paul’s wedding was such an honor to document.  Amy provided Pinterest boards, concepts, and ideas of what she was wanting in her wedding photography and it was really fun collaborating together to make it all happen.  We pulled off an evening engagement session in downtown Portland and captured one of the most epic wedding celebrations of all time in October of this year.

Heather Pearl – Heather contacted me wanting to capture some updated photos of her various characters.  She regularly performs in the Portland area and is one of the core members of the Nomadic Theatre Company.  These types of photo shoots are incredibly fun and a great opportunity to collaborate with other artists.

Family Christmas Photo – We photograph a number of families each year during the months of Nov and Dec for holiday cards.  However, one family in particular wanted something really different for their holiday card.  Each year, this family participates in a friendly “competition” amongst their closest friends to see who can come up with the most creative and different holiday portrait.

Same Sex Wedding in WA – We had the opportunity to photograph a same sex wedding this summer up in WA where the “wedding venue” was a spacious log cabin home that was rented through Airbnb.  I thought this was such a neat idea.  The home had multiple rooms allowing enough space for a number of guests to spend the evening.  I expect to see more of this in the near future.  The couple very much wanted a portrait of the two of them enjoying a star filled sky with a shooting star.  We were able to create this image in a rather non-traditional way making it rank among our top favorite shoots of 2015.

Maternity Session – Misty is a highly sought after coordinator in Portland who designs and produces some of the most stunning weddings and events in Portland.  She contacted us looking to have a maternity session captured that gave the feel of a lazy Sunday morning.  I loved the concept and enjoyed collaborating together to make it happen.  Maternity sessions are most often captured at our photography studio or outdoors in a park-like setting.  This session, however, was captured at the Hotel deLuxe in downtown Portland.

Potato Sensory Evaluation – It is certainly not everyday that one is asked to document a Potato Sensory Evaluation. In fact, I didn’t even know that they existed until I was contacted by the Oregon Potato Commission to document it.  The event was held at Le Cordon Bleu in downtown Portland and easily ranked as one of the more unique experiences of the year.

Ashlyn & Chad’s Engagement Session – One of my favorite locations to capture engagement sessions is Sauvie Island.  That is where Ashlyn & Chad chose to have their session and it was a heck of a lot of fun.  The weather was perfect.  We had an opportunity to include their dog in a few photos and most importantly, we just had a lot of fun together.

Toni & Jared’s Wedding in Boston – Having the chance to head home, visit family, and photograph a wedding was a really fulfilling experience.  The longer I live on the west coast the more I appreciate my roots back east.  So it is always a treat visiting Boston and all it has to offer.

Santa Toy Drive Event – Last year, when the Ice Bucket Challenge swept the nation, I crafted up an idea to offer 15 minute mini-portrait sessions for $15 as a way to raise money for ALS.  I charged just $15 for the digital files from the event and in sum total raised over $1,000 in 1 weekend.  The idea enabled me to donate a far greater amount of money than I would have been able to commit to on my own and reminded me of the power and synergy that is created when people work together.  It inspired me to want to do more of those types of events in the future.  So, this year, while putting together an idea of photos with Santa, my friend Amy suggested the idea of a toy drive portrait special.  It was the perfect idea!  Amy and I offered mini sessions with Santa in exchange for the donation of a new unwrapped toy.  Again, with the collective effort of many, we were able to donate a nice selection of toys to young boys and girls in our community.

I cannot thank you all enough for your business and continuous stream of referrals.  You have enabled me to pursue my dreams and live a life I never thought imaginable.  Thank you so much.

I wish everyone a fabulous New Year.  May 2016 be your most prosperous and fulfilling year yet.

Jeannie - December 27, 2015 - 12:44 pm

I have seen many of your photographs which I prefer to call pieces of art. Your dad has shared them with me with great pride. Recently, he showed with me the calendar of Australia and New Zealand you created. Beautiful! I wish you much continued success in 2016 and cannot wait to see the new art you produce.

Lynne Van Volkenburgh Johnson - December 29, 2015 - 7:34 am

Such beautiful work. You are so talented and your heart shows through in every photo you take. Can’t wait to work with you again soon!

Paul Rich - February 11, 2016 - 8:10 am

That is incredibly kind of you. Thank you so much!