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Birth Announcement Cards

A great way to celebrate the arrival of your newborn baby is with a custom designed birth announcement card.  We offer a wide selection of card designs to choose from and work with you in building the design and layout for your card.  Choose the design, the style of card, the color, and customize the text and font to your exact needs.  Here is a preview of our new custom birth announcement cards.

Our clients love the ease and convenience of designing their cards from the comfort of their home.  With our online birth announcement card designer, you are in complete control of the look and feel of your birth announcement cards.  Explore the different card styles, colors, and various options to find the look that is right for you.  We present you with an online proof for approval before going to print.  Our birth announcement cards are printed on premium card stock in sets of 25 and come with a set of envelopes as well.  You have everything you need to send your birth announcement cards to all your closest friends and family.

Smiling newborn baby being held by her parents.

Thailand: The Elephant Nature Park

As we planned our trip to Thailand, online searches kept bringing us to the Elephant Nature Park.  It is a natural sanctuary and rescue center for elephants from all over Thailand.  While many dream of the experience of riding a massive 9 ft tall, 4 ton animal, the process of taming a wild elephant to do this is very unfavorable.  Baby elephants are taken from their mother at an early age and are beaten into submission and simultaneously starved and deprived of sleep for days.  Elephants are extremely intelligent animals and they remember this very negative experience forcing them to remain submissive to humans.  So while elephant trekking is not encouraged, visiting an elephant sanctuary like the Elephant Nature Park is highly recommended.

We opted for the Karen Elephant Experience at the Elephant Nature Park.  A shuttle picked us up in downtown Chiang Mai, fully loaded with food for the elephants.  We drove through a mountainous region of northern Thailand and even had to transfer to a 4-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle to make the last stretch of dirt road up to a secluded area where the elephants were free to roam.  Tour guides instructed us on how to properly feed the elephants and how to gain their trust.  If you hold food out in your hand, the elephant will use his/her trunk to grab the food from you.  If you approach the elephant along the side of his face holding the food very visible in your hand, the elephant will open his/her mouth for you to drop it in.  It is amazing to watch such a huge animal chomp on food with an absolutely insatiable appetite.  Elephants eat approximately 10% of their body weight every day, so as you can imagine, a lot of time is spent eating.

Once the elephants have eaten a “reasonable” amount of food, we then bring food with us and begin hiking through the rain forest.  Since elephants love to eat (and you have proven yourself as a good food source), they happily follow.  As they walk through the rainforest they stop to chomp on foliage, rub their bodies up against the trees, and extend their trunks to request more food.  The experience is truly delightful walking just feet away from the elephants and feeding them along the way.

Later in the day, the elephants get to enjoy a playful mud bath in the river.  Elephants love to play and splash in the water and in particular, they enjoy covering their skin in mud.  It helps protect their skin from the sun acting like a sunscreen for the elephants.  Everyone is encouraged to hop in the water with the elephants and rub mud all over their bodies.  One of the elephants we were spending time with in the water lifted his trunk in the air and smiled.  One of the tour guides yelled out, “Happy, Happy!”  It was so refreshing and heart warming to see the elephants have so much freedom to play and have fun.

Following the mud bath, we trekked through a different area in the rain forest and worked our way to another river.  This was the area to bathe the elephants and wash off the excess mud.  The elephants would roll around in the water and splash everywhere.  You could see how much they enjoyed interacting with each other and having the mud washed off them.

Since most of our experiences of elephants in the United States are limited to the zoo, having the opportunity to witness elephants in a much more natural habitat where they are properly and thoroughly cared for is a truly life changing experience.  It was the highlight of the entire trip to Thailand.

Thailand: Bangkok and Chiang Mai

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as travel.

Think of all the wildly diverse cultures and places to see – from places like Australia and New Zealand to China, India, and Russia.  European countries like France, Italy, and Spain.  Less travelled to locations like Estonia, Croatia, and the Ukraine.  What about Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, and Brazil?  The list goes on and on and on.

How can one ever see all the wonderful places throughout the world?  I’m not quite sure if it is possible, but it certainly is a goal worth pursuing.  It is part of what inspired me to launch My Traveling Photographer, a premiere personalized photography service that captures your entire vacation experience.

Having traveled throughout the United States, across many European countries, and to Australia and New Zealand, I knew I wanted my next location to be somewhere in southeast Asia to explore yet a different part of the world.  I set my sights on Thailand.

Thailand is one of those destinations that MUST rank high up on your bucket list of travel locations.  It is truly phenomenal.  Naturally, if flying there from the United States, the flight is rather long.  We flew from Portland to Tokyo to Bangkok.  Thailand offers a rather diverse landscape to explore.  With just 2 weeks of exploration time, we opted to visit the mountainous region in northern Thailand for a week and the beautiful coastal islands in southern Thailand for a week.  We chose two primary locations for our travels – Chiang Mai in the north and Koh Chang in the south.

Landing in Bangkok after a lengthy flight, we knew we would want a day to rest and re-acclimate to the time.  So, we literally spent One Night in Bangkok.  Since we had just one day in the city we chose to spend the better part of our day touring the The Grand Palace.  We’ve posted some highlights from our time spent in Bangkok and some of our favorite temples we explored while in Chiang Mai.  Part of the reason we decided on Chiang Mai as a destination in Thailand is the Elephant Nature Park.  This experience was hands down one of my all-time favorite experiences while traveling.  More on that tomorrow….

My Traveling Photographer

I have always had a passion for travel.

When traveling personally to locations like Sweden, Estonia, and Australia and when traveling professionally to locations like Mexico, St Lucia, and the Czech Republic, I have always had my camera in hand.

One of the things I love most about returning from a trip is looking through all the photographs.  The images provide lasting memories and wonderful art for my home.  In 2016, I decided to combine my passion for travel and photography to provide a unique opportunity for couples and families to have their vacation experiences professionally documented.

My Traveling Photographer provides the ultimate personal vacation photographer experience.


New Studio Location

We are extremely excited to announce, after operating our wedding and portrait studio out of The Bridal Loft for over 6 years, that we have moved into a brand new space in NW Portland.

Back in 2010, I was extended a unique opportunity to collaborate with some of the wedding industry’s leading professionals including Andrea with August Veils, Katherine with Event Cosmetics, Emee with EJP Events, Lei with Custom Fit to You, and many others.  Being asked to be part of the “Loftie” group was an incredible honor.  It played a significant role in the success of my business and catapulted me to where I am today.

As my business grew over the years, I took a huge leap of faith and converted the entire first floor of the Loft to a fully functioning portrait photography studio.  It was the perfect setting to not only meet my wedding clients, but to continue serving them in the very same space for maternity, newborn, and family portraits.  Little did I know that the portrait side of my business would continue to grow and require more space to accommodate the needs of my clients.

So, just last month, I transitioned my wedding and portrait photography studio to an incredibly hip warehouse location called The New York Building.  Amazon Prime Now occupies the first 2 floors of the building.  When you come by for a visit, you are sure to pass by any number of drivers who frequently come and go from the building delivering Amazon’s 2-hour service.  The flurry of activity is always fascinating to watch and so are the impeccable views overlooking the city from our 4th floor location.

The portrait photography studio is ideal for maternity, newborn, and family portraits and we are conveniently located near some of our favorite locations to photograph outdoors.  This means we will be offering hybrid portrait sessions where we are able to capture you and your family at a local park as well as in our studio all during the same session.  We cannot wait for you to see our new Portland studio and we look forward to connecting for some updated family portraits soon.

Contemporary Portland portrait photography studio in downtown PortlandContemporary Portland portrait photography studio in downtown PortlandContemporary Portland portrait photography studio in downtown PortlandContemporary Portland portrait photography studio in downtown PortlandContemporary Portland portrait photography studio in downtown Portland

New Product | Digital Albums

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new product at Paul Rich Studio.  These digital albums are built and designed for our portrait clients.  The new product is a modern twist on the classic tradition of family portrait albums.  We know that our couples are going to love these especially for those who sign on for our popular Baby’s First Year Package where we document a maternity, newborn, 6 month, and 12 month session.

We are excited to announce that these albums are free for those who order our Baby’s First Year Package and purchase the full resolution digital files.  You choose the images from all 4 sessions and we build the album for you.  It can be posted and shared on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and others.  Plus, it can be archived onto a DVD as well.  This way it plays on your DVD player at home.  For those who are interested in purchasing a digital album from their recent portrait session, we are offering these albums at a low introductory price of just $55.

Featured | Portland Bride & Groom

Adam & Josh’s Up themed wedding is featured in the current Winter/Spring issue of Portland Bride & Groom.  Their themed wedding is festive, fun, and filled with cute details.  Who doesn’t want to incorporate balloons into their wedding day?  Read their love story and the vendors they chose to make their wedding day a truly unique one-of-a-kind experience.

Check out additional highlights from Adam & Josh’s Up themed wedding.